Dear Guests,


Since the first day the Covid-19 virus (Coronavirus) became a worldwide pandemic we have been closely following the World Health Organisation, the relevant public authorities and the specified guidelines. For us, your health and happiness and that of our employees are the most important issues.

From the point of view of health and safety, we guarantee the suitability of the standard of our services by way of accredited international inspections and documentation. Accordingly, we would like to share with you in detail the following precautions that we have taken. These implementations are subject to change in accordance with any new directives that may be published by the relevant authorities.

All of these implementations are to provide you, our valued guests, with a more healthy and happy holiday experience. We thank you in advance for your understanding and support and look forward to welcoming you very soon.


With our best wishes,

Grand Blue Sky Hotel Management


1. Greeting Guests

* When entering our facility guests are required to have their temperatures taken and to complete a Covid-19 guest declaration and undertaking.

* Guests are required to wait in a specified area complying with social distancing rules until the check-in formalities have been completed.

* Signs in keeping with social distancing rules and sanitising equipment have been provided for use during the check-in formalities and on check-in completion our guests are directed to their rooms.

* We continue to provide bellboy services. Our staff use clean gloves for each guest’s luggage, contact is kept to a minimum and suitcases are left in the guests’ rooms prior to their entering the rooms.

* Food and drink service hours have been arranged to comply with social distancing rules. During check-in, guests are provided with information regarding meal times.

* Information signs with protective measures against Covid-19 as published by the Turkish Ministry of Health and the World Health Organisation are provided in the areas for communal use.

2. Room Services Measures

* The rooms in which our guests are accommodated are cleaned and disinfected to provide maximum hygiene.

* In order to prevent cross-contamination, our staff wash and disinfect their hands appropriately and change gloves for each room they enter during room cleaning services.

* A cleaning cloth coding system is also applied during room cleaning to further prevent cross-contamination.

* The chemical substances used in room cleaning comply with international standards and current legislation.

* Hand disinfectants and grey refuse bins for used masks and gloves have been provided for the use of our guests beside all lifts.

* Textiles such as bed linen and towels are washed with the appropriate chemicals at 70-90°C.

* The frequency of the disinfection of surfaces with which guests are in frequent contact such as remote controls, telephones, door handles etc. has been increased.  

3. Food and Beverage Services

* In the production areas, food and beverages are prepared in compliance with legislative requirements with the observation of social distancing rules and the use of personal hygiene equipment.

* Controls are carried out by our food engineer from the arrival of the raw materials to the presentation of the prepared food.

* The Food Safety Management System is applied in our hotel and we are inspected at regular intervals by the Turkish Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and accredited establishments.

* The disinfection of fruit and vegetables is carried out by way of an ozone system.

* Incoming raw materials and products are taken out of their outer packaging prior to their entering the production area and they are stored under hygienic conditions. 

* Service areas have been arranged to comply with social distancing rules.

* All food and beverages services are carried out by our personnel with the aid of personal protective equipment (masks, gloves and face visors etc.).

* All food presentation units have been made safe to protect against contact.

* There are no knives, forks, salt, pepper, toothpicks etc. on the tables. These are provided as single use items at the guests’ requests.

* Tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected after every use.

* On entering the restaurant, guests’ body temperatures are taken with a no contact thermometer.

* Hand disinfectant is provided at the entrance to the restaurant for the use of our guests.

4. Swimming Pool and Beach Services

* The proportions of the chemicals used in our pools are applied by an automatic pool dosing system in compliance with legislative requirements.

* Pool chemical levels are checked daily by our pool maintenance personnel and the readings are recorded regularly.

* Our pool lifeguards constantly check pool capacity limits and social distancing rules.

* The frequency of the pool’s routine backwash and the amount of incoming fresh water have been increased.

* The chaises longue around the pool and on the beach have been positioned in keeping with social distancing requirements and are kept disinfected.

5. Spa & Wellness

* An appointment system is applied for the spa and fitness services.

* Personal protective equipment is used and social distancing rules are applied in the provision of these services.

* Disinfection stations have been put in position for easy access by our guests.

* Areas and equipment are disinfected appropriately with the necessary chemicals after every use.

* The hygiene of the linens used is ensured by washing at 70-90°C.

* Skincare, makeup and permanent makeup services are not provided.


6. Animation Shows, Mini Club Services

* The animation shows at our facility have been rearranged to comply with social distancing rules.

* The Mini Club continues to provide services in keeping with social distancing requirements and the hygiene of all equipment and areas is maintained by disinfecting in accordance with the required standards.

* A maximum capacity has been determined for the children’s play areas and services are provided accordingly.

7. General Checks and Implementations at our Facility

* On a daily basis, samples are taken from prepared food products in accordance with legislative requirements and are kept at the appropriate temperature under the appropriate conditions.

* Samples are taken from our pools on a daily basis and analysed.

* Sea water samples are taken by the Turkish Ministry of Health as part of the Blue Flag award and are tested for compliance.

* At certain intervals analyses are carried out by accredited laboratories to ascertain the adequacy of the food, pool and tap water.

* The maintenance and repair of the air-conditioning units in our facility are carried out in accordance with our maintenance plan and the frequency with which all the air-conditioning units and ventilators are disinfected has been increased.

8. Use of Hand Disinfectants and Masks

* In all our communal areas we have positioned an increased number of disinfection stations for easy access by our guests and our personnel. These disinfection stations are checked regularly and are constantly renewed.

* We have provided a sufficient amount of masks for the use of all our personnel and our guests.

9. Disinfection in the Communal Areas

* The frequency of the periodic disinfection of the surfaces with which our guests are in regular contact and the frequently used areas has been increased.

* An ozone disinfection process is carried out to ensure environmental hygiene in the toilets in the communal areas.

* Methods are being developed to prevent contact with the door handles on the WCs and handrails.

* The equipment in the communal areas used by our guests, such as chaises longue etc., are disinfected after use with ULV equipment and chemicals in compliance with international standards.

10. Capacity Limits in the Hotel Areas

* As the main restaurant areas are the social areas in which the largest number of people congregate, food and beverages services in these areas have been divided into specific service hours in order to secure compliance with social distancing rules. During the check-in procedure guests will be asked their preferred meal times and this will be noted.

11. Health Services

* At the guests’ requests, a doctor who will be able to provide medical treatment and advice, and 24-hour nursing services are provided at our hotel.

* Hospital and ambulance services are provided by the hospital with which our hotel has an agreement.


12. Our Personnel and Facility Management

* All our personnel are given ongoing training in hygiene, occupational health and safety training and training regarding the methods that have been established at our hotel for protection against the coronavirus and prevention of the spread of the virus.

* On entering employment and at subsequent intervals the necessary health checks are carried out on our personnel and medical examinations are made by our hotel’s doctor.

* We ensure that our personnel work and provide their services in compliance with social distancing rules in the service and recreation areas using the necessary hygiene materials and personal protection equipment; inspections are carried out for this purpose. 

* Procedures have been put in place and are ready for use regarding the isolation of any employee who has been infected or who presents symptoms. On entering and leaving our facility our personnel’s temperatures are taken and recorded, and health checks are carried out regularly. 

13. Visitors, Tenants and Purchase of Goods & Services

* Visitors are not permitted in our hotel other than under obligatory circumstances. In necessary situations, visitors’ temperatures are taken when they enter our facility, and their access to disinfection stations and their compliance with social distancing rules are ensured.   

* We ensure that providers of goods and services and tenants provide their services in accordance with the measures put in place by our facility, i.e. Hotel Measures for Protection against Covid-19 and the Prevention of the Spread of the Virus, and with the relevant legislation. Checks are carried out for their compliance with these measures.

14. Our Covid-19 Preparation Team   

* Having taken into account our hotel doctor’s proposal and advice, we have formed a Covid-19 Preparation Team to face suspected Covid-19 at our hotel or a case of the virus.

* The Covid-19 Preparation Team has prepared an Emergency Plan and Risk Assessment Report which, if necessary, is to be revised in accordance with legal requirements and international standards.

* The Covid-19 Preparation Team monitor in situ all the procedures and implementations that have been put in place at our facility.  

* All on-site communications, correspondence and briefings are carried out by the Covid-19 Preparation Team.

15. Inspections and International Standards

* Our hotel is to acquire a Healthy Tourism Certificate within the context of the criteria specified by the Ministry of Tourism from an establishment accredited under international standards. This certificate will have been obtained prior to the opening of our facility. Periodic inspections will be carried out and the continuation of our certificate will be ensured.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic and the implementations put in place, the measures taken and the precautions and rules in this regard constitute unforeseen circumstances. Therefore, the services presented by the hotel under a specific concept and certain areas may be limited or closed during your stay. It may not be possible to provide certain services outright or in part and/or they may be offered under special limitations. Your stay may be ended before it is due to end for non-compliance with the abovementioned rules and for circumstances beyond our control. We would like to inform you that the Hotel bears no responsibility for these and similar outcomes of the precautions.